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Hu Tong Dumpling Bar


Looking for a late lunch after we had shopped to oblivion along Bridge road, we made our way in to the CBD for some dumplings, hoping that we would make it to the famed Hu Tong dumpling bar before closing time.

There was one thing we were certainly ordering: Xio Long Bao. This is the best thing ever! Suck out the soup, add a little vinegar and ginger, and then devour the rest! YUM! I love the temperature smack when you bite in to the dumpling the first time, and then the hit of the vinegar against the fillings when you go back for the second time. This is by far my favourite dim sum dish, and my yardstick for every restaurant.


But so as not to look completely crazy ordering three servings of our favourite dumplings, we also ordered some other fare to try.


This was a really nice dish, steamed dumplings with a chilli sauce. The sauce was not the most powerful, but almost sweet (in a not sweet kind of way…).  really liked this dish a lot.


We also got some deep fried prawn dumplings, which were… not so great. It was as if they had been fried 20 min ago and kept warm in a steamer as they had lost all their crisp and it was just plain prawn inside. I used then to soak up the chilli sauce form the last dish. 

I liked Hu Tong. It would probably serve well to arrive earlier in their lunch service to avoid old dishes that really need to be served very fresh. But the Xio Long Bao was really nice!


03 9650 8128

14-16 Market Lane

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