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Max Brenner



Hello chocolate heaven!!

Max Brenner was pretty rad. A bit like similar chocolate chains (San Churros, Theobroma…) except this was the first time I could actually finish a hot chocolate! Normally I collapse in the corner after a few sips from richness overload and need to drink my weight in water to recover. But Max Brenner celebrated milk a little in the whole hot chocolate experience and while the drink was nice and thick, it did not leave me running to the water tap.

I opted for the milk hot chocolate with waffle bits in it… so this was kind of like a big mix of crispy mnm’s which broke up the chocolate a little and allowed my palette to think about something else for a while.

As much as I protested above, I do like chocolate. So ultimately it would have been strange is I didn’t like Max Brenner. Also Hug Mugs for the win!! It was the best thing to have my hands appreciate my drink as much as my taste buds.


03 9662 4442

300 La Trobe St Melbourne Central

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