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The Hardware Societe


A hazey early-morning photo, shows that even my phone was not quite awake when we dashed down to The Hardware Societe on Hardware street in Melbourne to sample some breakfast delights. 

This review outlines two, consecutive breakfasts spent sitting at the bar overlooking the marvellous madness which is a bustling cafe kitchen. The first morning I couldn’t chose between the two meals I had, so I came back the next day to complete my curiosity.


Brioche french toast with meringue cloud, lemon curd and passionfruit pulp.

This dish was amazing and enough to keep me going till about 2pm. On the top of an enormous hunk of brioche sat a meringue, a generous dollop of lemon curd and heaps of passionfruit pulp/syrup. JUST YUM!!

There was an amazing collision of textures as I ate my way through something that is really more of a dessert than a balanced breakfast (But I was on holidays so who cares!). Passionfruit is one of my favourite things ever, and the half of the fresh fruit, that I saved right for the end took me back to summers in the garden scooping flesh from the freshly picked fruits. 


Two rice pudding with berries

This was also a beautiful breakfast! You are probably becoming aware of the extent of my sweet tooth! As much as I love a good stack of eggs and bacon, I can hardly ever go past a fruity, creamy, sugary start to the day! The perfectly cooked rice pudding was exciting the explore with the contrast in textures and flavours between the sweet slippery black rice and more solid, plain white rice. In turn exciting and providing a rest for my tase buds which also had some amazing vanilla flavoured syrupy berries to contend with. This was probably the more sensible and nutritious choice for breakfast, but even now, having tried both, I find it really hard to make the choice as to which was better!
The Hardware Societe was a brilliant little corner to spend my mornings, and I am glad that I went back (slightly embarrassed that I sat in exactly the same seat two days in a row). Also their peppermint tea was some of the best I have ever tasted!!


03 9078 5992

118-120 Hardware St

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