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Cuppa Cottage


A quick dash to Sandringham for afternoon tea after a busy day running around the beachside suburbs was the breather my fabulous friend and I were looking for. 

Cuppa Cottage is decorated beautifully, bringing back memories of the kitchens of my Grandmothers: Stacked with place mats and tea cosies, The good china on display in the windows of cabinets, and a teapot quick to hand at the edge of the table. Ready for a sweet thing to eat, an ear to listen and always a hive of activity. 

We hit the store with only 10 min to closing time, But the lovely ladies of the cottage let us in as they had a large group of friends still inside chatting. 

Two pots of tea and two scones + Jam and cream later we were sat in the window oblivious to the grey-ing day outside, deep in conversation and licking errant cream from out fingers.

My berry scone was delicious. You can really tell when things have been baked fresh - even by the end of the day my scone was nicely moist on the inside and the berries were yummy little bursts of flavour to stumble upon inside. 

I could imagine the Cuppa Cottage being somewhere I would love the curl up with a book on one of Melbourne’s notoriously fickle days or just watch the world go by, and dare I say the type of establishment sadly missing from Perth’s local streets.


03 9598 9334

88 Station Street

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