Food Near Me


Now I am not one to gush about food that arrives covered in glad-wrap. But there is always an exception that proves the rule. 
When venturing into the chaos that is Ikea at 12 on a flipping hot Perth weekday you are confronted with crazy kids begging frazzled parents for soft toys, pensioners wandering confused around the maze of furniture, and a very, very, full food court. But having been conditioned by my own frazzled parent after many trips to the big blue building throughout my childhood, no visit to Ikea is complete without a taste of the food court.
In my younger days it was the meatballs swimming in gravy, or mini ham sandwiches in the kids snack bag that captivated my taste buds (or rather distracted me from that glittering new mosquito net that just had to hang over my bed from now until forever). But now at the wise old age of 22 there is only one thing that will hit the spot on the Ikea menu: the Meatball Sandwich with Beetroot Salad ($3.50). 
It’s probably not the most authentic, tasty, fresh, texturally diverse, or well prepared meal in existence, but I always find that it is the prefect size to distract my growling tummy and makes me feel super healthy nomming away on a bit of leafy green and wholemeal bread while watching others navigate plates of gravy and chips. Treats without the guilt!

I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo. 

Overall, Ikea is probably not the best place to take a date… unless you are going all 500 days of summer on them.

The Good: Eating food in a furniture shop and not being told off
The Bad: Screaming babies, and soft drink machine that fills your glass with bubbles
The Money: $5 for sandwich and infinitely refillable glass is quite ok in my book


6 Sunray Drive (off Ellen Stirling Blvd)
Innaloo WA 6018
Phone: (08) 9201 4532

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